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I'll find another world 

Before the darkness comes 

I'll go beyond the stars 

Looking for a new home 

Won't waste another day 

'cause the fire in my heart 

Is gone 

The moon above the mountains 

The sky after the storm 

Those times when I was free 

And I felt so strong 

The howlings in the distance 

The beauty and the joy 

Is gone, all is gone 

And there's nothing I can do 

I can do 

To show you that you're wrong 

And there's no way I would stay 

'cause all I had is gone 

'Cause all I had is gone 

The madness and the fear 

The battles that I fought 

Those days when all was pure 

And you read my thoughts 

I'll forget every second 

'cause the glory that I saw

Is gone 

The future and the memories 

The things that I have never done 

I'll sail into a sea 

Of blindness and remorse 

The magic and the wonder 

And the need to be alone 

Is gone, all is gone 

All the nightmares and the wisdom 

The cold sparkle in your eyes 

Every hope and every pleasure 

All the colors of the light 

All the tales and all the heartbeats 

And the words that bound my tongue 

Every night and every sunrise now 

Is gone

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