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Lonely People


Feeling useless
Lonely people
Eyes full of tears
Lonely people
Looking up at
Endless ceiling
I am sorry
Time will heal it
Everytime I think
Everytime I cry
I just want to live
No apologize
I can`t find the key
To your empty heart
Now I wanna leave
Start to go apart
Sometimes it hits me so hard
They say you`re strong and you`ll find your way
But everything reminds you bout yesterday
Going somewhere don`t know how don`t know why
Is there anything to help you fly?
And once again around the same faces
They say they`re wanna make you happy
I don`t believe them they are pretending
They are pretending
I know you feel me even if you say you`re not
I know you see me even if you say you`re blind
If you decide to leave – don`t turn around
Forgive me for wasted time
I`m sorry
Sometimes it hits me so hard
Sometimes this world makes me drown
I`m sorry

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