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A Surprise From Switch The MC !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

If lately we could tell you about an early Christmas present from Dianthus, today it's Switch The MC's turn to offer us one!

On Friday December 4th, Switch The MC unveiled his new track: CH4. A heavy and catchy melody, a rhythm that makes our body vibrate and beat our heart, this track turns out to be a pure masterpiece that perfectly defines the artist.

The fans went wild, only one solution was offered to him: shoot a video clip!

"For me, it's about people talking too much about things they don't have or don't do, it's me saying stop, it's the song that you would listen to after having an argument where you want to vent."

-Switch The MC-

So this song is about putting everything in its place, and making everyone understand that we are what we are and that there is no merit in bragging about this or that.

The video clip lets us see Switch The MC at the top of his game and enjoying his music more than anything.

HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET? We left the video for you above ;)

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