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Animals As Leaders and ALLT on the stage of the Cabaret Sauvage, Paris.

On November 5, 2023, instrumental metal band Animals As Leaders (accompanied by ALLT) took to the stage at Paris' Cabaret Sauvage.

Animals As Leaders, a band who doesn't need a singer

In 2007, guitarist Tosin Abasi set up his own solo project, which was soon joined by other musicians, then guitarist Javier Reyes and drummer Matt Garstka. Their shared passion for the art of music led them to chart their course together as Animals As Leaders, with whom they have now released 5 albums, three of which were produced by Misha Mansoor, who is none other than the founder and one of the three guitarists of the band Periphery.

ALLT, a rising star

Animals As Leaders have brought with them ALLT, a Swedish band founded in 2020. And with only 2 EPs and numerous singles, the band is already playing and touring extensively, attracting an ever-growing audience and climbing the ranks to make their mark on the Djent / Metalcore scene.

The Cabaret Sauvage on fire

The concert kicks off at around 7pm when ALLT take to the stage. The hall is almost full, and the headbangs and moshpits are already starting. The love of metal is palpable among the fans, whom the performers of "The Orphan Breed" have won over in just a few minutes.

The party is in full swing, but the end of the set arrives, bringing calm back to this very special venue. The calm returns, the beer flows freely and the impatience is felt by the fans of Animals As Leaders who have been waiting for this date for a long time, since it was initially scheduled for January 14, 2023 before being postponed.

The band took to the stage with a 14-track set that lasted almost 2 hours!

An audience of almost 1,200 screams and sings along - not to the lyrics, as the band doesn't have a singer- but to the chords and riffs of Javier and Tosin's guitars, imitating Matt on drums and enjoying the assembly of 8-string instruments and percussion.

The front rows stand in awe, not transfixed, but with their eyes riveted on the instruments, while the farther back rows take advantage of the heavy progressive metal atmosphere of the 'Monomyth' performers to moshpit, slam or even make a pretty wall of death.

Interactions with the audience were endless, and remain precious memories for each and every fan present that evening.

All in all, it was a memorable concert, of which you can find photos and videos on our networks and on our journalist's photography site!

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