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Geisha Skills is back with a new instrumental track 'Karma Café'!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On April 28 was released the new track of Geisha Skills, I was trembling with impatience to enrich my soul with a new sound of this virtuoso. Once again, I am conquered. I would qualify this track as esotero-metal. No this word does not exist, but I assure you that the best dictionary could not define better this single (she thinks she is better than a Larousse now!)

So why this formula resounds in my head, esothero-metal?... I explain myself, Geisha Skills embarks us as always from the first notes, bewitching tracks made of a perfect assembly of sound, that our alchemist of the music knows so well how to dose.

Transported and motionless, conscious of sailing in our unconscious, as in a chamber of sensory deprivation, our mind builds a unique place where we hear in these first musical tracks strange voices, almost internal.... We enter in our deep self. Jostled by a rhythm which accelerates, we are there, carried, floating, in front of ourselves. It is a scrolling of notes more and more rapid, then intermingle the image of the hands of Geisha Skills, galloping in an expert way on the guitar and a kaleidoscope of forms and colors taken out of our head (yes I listened to it on an empty stomach, I see you coming!)

It is indeed a trance, deep, intense, mystical.

So close your eyes (well we load the track, we subscribe and we press play first) and dive in, enjoy this new experience that is Karma café.

Hats off to Mr. Geisha Skills, who not only always delights us, but also offers us each time a very tasty, inspired and unique dish!

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