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'Human Jail', the new Al Zaïr's track !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

How to better start a brand new month, than with a freshly released single?

Thank you to Mr. Al Zaïr to offer us a magical track, full of emotion without restraint...

'Human Jail', as its name indicates, images the prison that is the body in the human condition. The trap of a brain which cannot forget, of a soul which must continue to move forward even when it does not feel bound to anything terrestrial...

The emotions are mixed; suffering, denial, lack and of course love which does not know the limits of time, space, of a body, and paradoxically locks us in this ivory tower of our feelings.

The sublime voice of Al Zaïr keeps us captive and his guitar imprisons us for 4 minutes, but of course, with our full consent.

Go listen to - if it is not already done - this single which will mark your soul beyond these few minutes. Without a doubt, 'Human Jail' is a pearl on the jade necklace of Al Zaïr, a GREAT artist !

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