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'Life Has So Much To Offer', a beautiful message by MÄÄCS !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Life has so much to offer and MÄÄCS has so much music to enchant us. He strikes again with this new track entitled 'Life Has So Much To Offer' released on June 17th, in a different register, more Pop, with Electro vibes.

He takes us to positivize with him, because it is indeed about that; positivity! MÄÄCS reminds us through this song that not only that advice is cheap but also and especially that we are each the master of our own life.

Waiting for someone else to show us the path that leads to happiness is a mistake, since we are the only one to know what makes us happy, we become the only ones who can offer it to ourselves.

MÄÄCS reminds us to believe in our dreams, our desires, our ambitions and to go and look for them in order to realize ourselves fully and to dazzle those who would not have believed in us! The lyrics are deep:

"You are smart and strong, Irresistible, Brave and powerful, You should not wait, It's time to do what you're born for."

Perhaps he himself had to wipe away advice and criticism as a musician that pulled him down, to follow another path, another career... (We'll ask him ;) )

Anyway, as a vitamin C, it's a reboot, it puts the brain back in the right place and it's good for you. In case of doubt, bad mood, little depression, go listen to 'Life Has So Much To Offer' by clicking here, guaranteed results! (excess of self-confidence and good mood are to be expected as side effects)

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