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'Lost', the new single of MÄÄCS !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On the 6th of May, MÄÄCS released a new song called 'Lost' with a new music video !

We go back to the sweet vibes of MÄÄCS. The kind of vibes that take us away, that make us wonder about life and big things. Here, he's talking to us about the importance of being human, of living, of breathing, and to focus on the right things.

We can work so hard we'd get lost in it, without thinking about what matters most : our health, and the present moment. As a human, we do focus on work and on having things, owning them, gaining always more and more. "But at what cost?"

This song takes us back to the reality of being human, but also of having a soul, and taking care of it as much as taking care of our body. Sometimes it's important to focus on ourselves instead of working too much for things that don't even really matter.

It's not the first time that MÄÄCS talks about such an important subject. He seems to really care about people and their well-being.

The sweet guitar chords and the beautiful voice of MÄÄCS, mixed with deep lyrics will for sure take you away in a deep thinking about yourself, about your purpose in life and what you should really focus on.

Thank you for sharing to people this important message, important for our health, for our soul, for our well-being. So go listen to that amazing work of art made by MÄÄCS !

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