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MÄÄCS ' new single will make you 'Brave'

On October 6th, the german singer MÄÄCS released a new single called 'Brave' with a new music video.

We always love to hear more of MÄÄCS. It's always so positive, so powerful... And this title does not miss it ! The music takes somewhere else, a place where dreams come true, a place where faith (in yourself) is the biggest power you can ever get. With this music, we want to run inside the arms of our biggest wishes, to embrace the part of us that dreams that we all have inside and all need in our everyday life.

The music takes us to dreamland, but the lyrics too !

The lyrics tell us to go on and fight for what we want, for our dreams, our wishes, because if we believe in it, it will come true. People around can tell us to shut down this little voice inside that tells us to live our dream life, but we shoudln't listen to them. Because most part of the time, they're just afraid of our potential, of what they think we're able to do. Or because they're not brave enough to do what you're able to do.

I've already wrote too much about that song, because the lyrics speak for themselves ! Bravo to MÄÄCS for writing a powerful song that will give you chills and the power to accomplish anything in life ! You can listen to it here !

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