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"Please, Be Kind", an album that will have no more secrets for you with the words of Da Soul Jam !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Today, we had the chance to interview Da Soul Jam for the occasion of the first month of his album "Please, Be Kind".

We let you the interview in video and written !

Earama: Hello everyone! Today we meet Da Soul Jam who is here to talk about his album released exactly one month ago 'Please, be kind'! Hello to you!

Da Soul Jam: Hi!

Earama: How are you?

Da Soul Jam: Oh I'm fine, everything is fine! I'm glad this project is out, it's been a while! It's cool!

Earama: Okay. And so far everything is going well with the album?

Da Soul Jam: Well I don't really look at the numbers and stuff because I don't think I have the influence and I don't think I can say that the numbers are going to change anything so... it's out, it's out!

Earama: That's the main thing! So what inspired you the most to release this album?

Da Soul Jam: Ah the covid, right! I actually started it in October, when we were just re-confined. I was all alone at home... My mother was working, my two brothers too. So, all day long, I was really all alone and I didn't do anything. And after a while, I decided to force myself to do something. So I said to myself "come on, make an album for... tac tac tac... MARS! So it came out in May, but that's it. It's really the Covid that inspired me for this album and that is .... Overall, it's a bit of a dark album. Well, not only a little bit. And so that's it, it's really the period that does it.

Earama: Is there a particular artist who inspired you for this album?

Da Soul Jam: Well, there are a lot of different influences. Because there are many different styles. In RAP, I'm inspired by Lil Peep, for example. I was also inspired by my friends Akira and Sabat with whom I had the chance to make a feat. There was that, there was Rap-Metal. But overall it was Hip-Hop that really... That really pushed me to do things, more than Rock.

Earama: Is there a particular song that you liked to produce or write?

Da Soul Jam: Uh... The feat with Dry Tears called 'Uranie'. It was really a package deal. In one afternoon we finished the track. And it was really cool. I mean, I don't know about him, but I think it was really cool because it went really fast and it was really smooth and it was really good.

Earama: Is there a song that means more to you than the others?

Da Soul Jam: Mmh... Honestly, it depends. It depends on the moment. You know, like, if you had asked me two weeks ago, it would have been the second track... Wait... W.. D.. Y.. I mean, you know which one it is, it's the one with all the initials. (It's 'Wdywmthm') And today, you know, it's more 'Feel More'. It really depends on the moment. It's kind of like children; I don't like to choose between them.

Earama: And if you had the chance to do a featuring with the artist of your choice, who would you choose?

Da Soul Jam: Wow... It's complicated... I think it would be Lous and the Yakuza. I mean, it's the same, it's really different worlds, you know. And right now, actually, I'm interested in art in general and not only in music. I think Lous and the Yakuza is a complete artist, you know. I don't know if you know her but she mixes urban music with more traditional music. But beyond that, she's a model. She does painting too, photography. She's really someone I admire a lot.

Earama: She's an artist who does everything! Is there a message you wanted to bring out of this album?

Da Soul Jam: A message is a very introspective thing. Well, there are a couple of tracks that have a message but it's not the essence of the project. But overall it was about hiding your emotions, you know. And not to do it. I feel like in the environment that we all grow up in, we're told "You shouldn't show your emotions". So I try to show that you should. Because it can be dangerous to hide them and everything...

Earama: And I think that's a very good thing! And is there anything you would like to say to the people who listen to you about this album?

Da Soul Jam: That's a big question... Well... Oh yes! If there are a lot of people who listen to me, support your local artists, because when you are not known nor listened by a lot of people, it's very complicated to live from your music! I am alone, that's it! So we need help, please.

Earama: Is there a video clip or something else planned for this album?

Da Soul Jam: That's a complicated question, actually, if you want, a project like this, it takes a lot of organization and you have to plan everything in advance. So in the little time I allowed myself, I didn't have time to prepare clips. Especially since, every time I planned something, there was the Covid between us, what! So it was quite complicated. So I think that everything that is "clip" will happen with the next projects and then it will be better put together. There will be more time, you know. And less pressure, too.

Earama: If you had the chance to open for the artist of your choice, who would you choose?

Da Soul Jam: That's a complicated question because opening for people is always a bit of a bitch. Because people don't come to see you, you know. You don't necessarily get to choose who you're going to open for. But frankly, I really like the Twenty One Pilots community. They're really nice and frankly it would be cool. I would love to meet them too, afterwards! But that's another matter!

Earama: Well great, I think we've covered everything! Anything to add?

Da Soul Jam: Be nice to your fellow man! That's all I have to say.

Earama: Well thank you all! This is Da Soul Jam and Earama talking about Da Soul Jam's latest album, 'Please, be kind'! Everybody stream this album and goodbye to everybody!

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