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Saru2S releases 'Double Lariat' with Zoro L'Frérot

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It is on Friday, May 13 that we could discover the new track of Saru2S with Zoro L'Frérot in featuring !

This new sound entitled 'Double Lariat' aims to show us what is a real featuring while showing up their talent compared to other existing featurings/duets. The two rappers go through most of the known mangas, from Dragon Ball to One Punch Man, or even by Demon Slayer as much in the images as in the lyrics, to offer us a text full of references.

Accompanied by Nerod for the instrumental, this trio offers us a nugget for any fan of manga and RAP.

Able to release a complete paragraph or to share the sentences of the same verse, the duo did great, defying all other featurings around. The purpose of this track was to show their strength and they knew how to play their flow to prove it.

Compared to most of Saru2S's manga freestyles, this track was not based on a single anime/manga but mostly on their duo, including references all over the place. The title alone refers to a technique from the world of Naruto; it takes two people to succeed in this technique and annihilate his opponent. You will have guessed it, this freestyle is about Saru2S and Zoro L'Frérot facing the other freestyles.

Congratulations to this duo and to Saru2S who never stops finding new ideas to surprise us ! Double Lariat' is available on all platforms here (and we strongly encourage you to click on this link) !

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