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Saru2S releases his first EP !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It is today, June 10th 2022 that Saru2S, French rapper whose popularity is soaring, releases his very first EP entitled 'Freestyle Manga'.

Composed of 9 tracks, the EP goes through a lot of manga and includes a lot of featurings, especially on the track 'Shonen Star', which has Saru2s and Nerod on the prod, as well as Cookiesan, Nhox, Zoro l'Frérot, Holy Kidd and Negrito Senpai. Each one has his part of the piece, each one has his manga; Dragon Ball for Saru2S, Shingeki No Kyojin for Holy Kidd...

So this was one of the novelties of this EP, the two others being 'Requiem for Ace' and 'Titan', whose title was not revealed until its release. The first one is from the point of view of Luffy and tries to convey his sadness about the death of Ace. He leaves the RAP to offer us a softer song, almost a ballad.

The freestyle titled 'Titan', plunges into the universe of SNK, from the point of view of Eren Jager. The instrumental is far from what we are used to with Saru2S. Nerod actually said about it that it was a sound "on Reggaeton club beats but with big epic choruses in a <<It's war>> mode" and that's exactly what you can feel!

The AMV was actually released today, directed by Adraverse. And if the song remained a mystery for most of the fans, the people present at the Japan Addict Z in Strasbourg on June 4th 2022 had the right to a preview of the sound but also of the AMV. It is also during this day that we could discuss with Saru2S and Nerod about the new EP.

In conclusion, go stream the new EP of Saru2S, available on all platforms!

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