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Saru2s tells us about his 'démons'

This Sunday, December 4th, Saru2s releases a new track with NerodBeat called 'Démons', accompanied by its first music video !

Let's get back to Saru2S

Young French rapper with great potential, it is in 2021 that he appears on the stage of France A Un Incroyable Talent to perform a track of RAP of 545 words in only one minute! He then made his way to new horizons by trying RAP Manga, of which he released an EP of 9 tracks on June 10, 2022.

A new track that announces a new album

It is only 6 months after the release of 'Freestyle Manga' that Saru2s offers us a new track, announcing a new EP!

With this track entitled 'Démons', the young rapper leaves his comfort zone and manga freestyles. If we could admire some performances moving away from the universe of manga on social networks, today it is a concrete track and accompanied by its first music video that Saru2s offers us.

A theme that deviates from what we can commonly hear today, no vulgarities of any kind or insults but a message both subjective and universal. He speaks to us here of inner demons, and of coming to terms with them, of living with them. A sensitive subject and yet one that concerns us all.

It is with a text managed with a master hand and a rhythm to any test that Saru2s puts us the water to the mouth concerning his next EP!

This title is the first of a long list so we advise you to go and listen to it and to subscribe everywhere by clicking here!

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