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The Big Confusion: News and background of a "freak that nobody can escape"

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

As his name indicates, he is an artist who digs into the dark and light areas of his brain, playing with his inner demons, turning over the boxes of his memory, his emotions, his experiences, in order to offer us music imbued with intelligence, experience and to make us go with him to the other side of the mirror!

Things are accelerating for him since the end of 2020. Indeed, it is on November 6 that the

artist announced " Always facing the storms in the horizon and the storms inside me ". A storm announced by The Big Confusion that is not waiting, and what a storm!

The artist announced on November 8 the release on Bandcamp, of his new track, "the fire", first born of the album to come. A week later on November 15, he follows up with "Choose to be insane", 2nd single and eponymous title of the album to come. On November 23, the album "choose to be insane" is in presale and the best is still to come!

December and January, the promotion of the album in the colors of the electro-punk artist is in full swing. The Big Confusion is doing a lot of radio appearances, interviews and podcasts!

On February 3, the artist offers us a first clip, "Choose to be insane" literally "choisis d'être fou". He chose the setting of an abandoned orphanage in Barcelona to deliver his message. Passing from brightly colored rooms to rooms with broken walls, to dark and dilapidated corners. The freak as he likes to call himself, faces his demons and drags us into his mind, his reality, in order to put us face to face with ourselves like Lewis Caroll.

On February 26 he offers us the clip of "the fire". A song based on the inner desire that drives us, even directs us, which we can not escape! On the background of beach and underground tunnel alternated, we feel the side "trapped and hidden" of our burning desires, as well as the desire for freedom while facing the world, perched above the waters, as if to shout "I am who I am, I assume, I know and I am free!

These two clips, The Big Confusion performed, directed and edited them himself. He likes to hold the reins! He composes, produces and records everything himself, leaving only room for Frans Beltran to whom he entrusts the mixing.

And as the artist likes surprises, he announces this day on instagram, that the video clip of "living like a rock star" is added to the video playlist of the album. We discover pieces of live videos embarking us with him in concert, a nugget!

If you are not yet under the spell, go quickly discover The Big Confusion, an artist in all points surprising, rich and passionate. I will let him conclude this article, because who better than him would know how to do it ? :

« Nobody can escape »


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