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'The Color Of Joy' is probably that Casey Ryan song!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This Monday, March 1, 2021, we had the honor to discover the latest song of Casey Ryan entitled 'The Color Of Joy'!

Let's take a look at the artist first. Who is Casey Ryan?

Casey Ryan is a guitarist, singer, pianist and singer-songwriter living in Idaho, USA. Music has always been a passion for him, yet he wanted more. And his ambition has led him to a very promising musical career.

This new track, 'The Color Of Joy', joins 'Oxygen', 'Music And Love' and many others for the pleasure of our ears. Talking about a quite common theme, love, the artist always knows where to go, what idea, what story to tell.

Casey Ryan starts with a rather soft, calm and soothing melody to bring us crescendo towards a chorus where he unloads all that he has on the heart. Some will surely be able to identify with these lyrics that fly straight to our soul for better or worse.

Emotions that capsize, like the rhythm of this song, it's all you need to start the day right, so don't hesitate!

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