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The poetry of Nuit Incolore's butterflies at 106, Rouen

Nuit Incolore, the Swiss artist rewarded at the NRJ Music Awards as French-speaking revelation of the year 2023, did us the honor of performing at the 106 in Rouen, on Saturday April 6, 2024, accompanied by RORI as support act. A sold-out concert.

Nuit Incolore au 106 Rouen
Photo : Swann Cordier

   Théo Marclay, a.k.a. Nuit Incolore (Colorless Night), owes much of his success to the social networks on which he shares his compositions from the isolation of his student room. His name Nuit Incolore comes from the sleepless nights he spent creating.

Inspired by the world of Ghibli Studios and Tim Burton films, artists such as Tsew The Kid and Joji, as well as manga, he tells his story in a fictionalized way on his concept albums 'Histoire de Nuit' and'Histoire de Nuit 2' (Night Stories and Night Stories 2).

RORI an artist to follow !

At around 7.40pm, the audience enters the hall, and at 8.10pm we discover the first part of Nuit Incolore, RORI. The 25-year-old Belgian singer won over the Rouen audience when she took to the stage alone :

RORI au 106 Rouen
Photo : Swann Cordier

"Actually I'm Belgian, yeah another one.. but I'm not blond" she joked on stage. "I'm not very good at talking... I'll sing instead."

She introduces us to her world with 'Encore' (Again), 'Ma Place' (My Place) and even a single that she will only release in May 2024!

Her interactions with the audience give us a glimpse of a colorful personality that the public will remember. After a few seconds explaining how to follow her on social networks, a man in the audience asks "what's the name of the second music?"

"Ah... uh... It's not out yet! Sorry broo!" The audience bursts out laughing. "I can't remember my setlist! Well, follow me on insta you'll see... voilà!" The audience applauds, and some people exchange the @roriwithi account to get to know the young Belgian singer even better when she comes off stage.

Nuit Incolore au 106 Rouen
Photo : Swann Cordier

Nuit Incolore at the 106, Rouen

The audience didn't have to wait long for the silhouettes of guitarist Isa Marie and drummer Raphael to appear on stage, making the crowd scream in preparation for Nuit Incolore's arrival on stage under the title 'L'Envol', a speech that introduces the artist's universe, very much inspired by the world of art and the quote "memento mori" that reveals the tortured aspect of the artist.

This was followed by 'Cœur sous Cadenas' (Heart under Padlock ), which carried the crowd along with him, and the tracks 'Je me déteste' (I hate myself), 'Quand je vois mon âme' (When I see my soul ) and 'Loin' (Far ), in which he shares part of his story as a child from Vietnam adopted by a Swiss family.

Nuit Incolore au 106 Rouen
Photo : Swann Cordier

This is followed by his track 'Paradoxe' , in which he shares vocals with Mentissa on the album, which he performs in a version that gives more space to the electro aspect of the song.

When it comes to 'Dépassé' (Outdated), his best-known song, which he performed on stage at the NRJ Music Awards in 2023, he asks, "Do you know this one?

Let's sing it together! ". He invited the audience to sing along, encouraging them to sing louder.

Théo Marclay was quick to share that he felt right at home at Rouen's 106, the venue having been their rehearsal space in preparation for his tour of the French-speaking world.

To introduce 'La fille du Kiosque' (The Kiosk Girl), Nuit Incolore tells the story of a girl who falls in love with a bus driver.

"Imagine this love story, a fleeting gust of wind set in the 1950s, close your eyes and make way for La fille du kiosque. "

Nuit Incolore au 106 Rouen
Photo : Swann Cordier

The songs continue to flow, with 'Bêtes Noires' and 'Crush' keeping the Rouen crowd singing along, their voices unflagging. Nuit Incolore takes a moment to look at the audience, noting many children and young teenagers accompanied by their parents, whom he takes the time to applaud.

Under the name Nuit Incolore, Théo Marclay has created a sensitive, tortured yet poetic universe. A source of inspiration for the French-language scene, he brought whole families together at his concert in Rouen. This young artist is sure to put stars (or butterflies) in the eyes of audiences throughout the French-speaking world.

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