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The Ugly Kings light us in those 'Strange Strange Times' !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Let's talk today about the brand new opus of The Ugly Kings entitled 'Strange Strange Times'.

Since 2018 and their album "Darkness Is My Home" The Ugly Kings have had a flawless run! After winning our hearts and respect by bewitching us with their well-scratched Rock, The Ugly Kings have secured their future with Napalm Records.

It is strong of this victory, that they compose their album 'Strange Strange Times'. Appropriate and colorful, they stroll on the Rock with multiple sounds.

We find a very present bass which comes to support the rhythm of a talented drummer ! The guitar goes from a rock rhythm to the sure values of Presley and a saturated sound worthy of a good metal. As for the singer, he delights us by lending himself perfectly to these styles so well mixed.

Professional, without omitting the passion which transpires by each pore of pieces as bewitching as dark, this new album is a masterpiece without contest.

The strong texts, posed, worked oh-so-well come to add the final touch to this magic album which will seduce you for sure!

In short, rock, good, passion and desire, technique and pleasure, 'Strange Strange Times' is a detonating cocktail that will leave your head spinning and your eyes in the dark.

To consume without moderation, go discover or rediscover the 10 songs of this incredible album!

N.B. : the team already has its number 1 song... 'The Devil Comes With A Smile' !

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