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'A Place In The Silence', the new track of Dianthus that will leave you speechless !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

What a joy on this November 24th to discover the new music video of the most Metal sisters of this planet! You will have guessed it, I'm talking about Dianthus. This duo as sexy as talented, is happiness for the eyes and the ears!

Indeed, let's talk about the clip. The aestheticism is at its peak! Jackie and Jessica, as always, offer us a gothic look chosen with taste and elegance. The place also taking us in this gothic world that perfectly combines the atmosphere and the shooting is beautiful. Even if we limit ourselves to see the sisters playing and singing, an excessive staging seems totally useless as the images are sublime, the sound is very good and the sound is very good.

The images are sublime, the grain perfect, sticking impeccably to their style and their music.

Now let's talk about the music. But what a masterpiece! Technically irreproachable, the gothic sisters of Metal let their universe, their souls, their personalities be totally impregnated. Another tasty track, Rock, hard, magical, which -once again- will leave you speechless !

Congratulations to Dianthus for this single which proves that the beauties still have a lot of nice quality melodies to offer us.

Come on, hop hop hop ! So go and treat yourself right by listening to "A Space In The Silence" without further delay!

Enjoy !

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