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Dianthus offers us an early Christmas present !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

What better way to get into music than to keep it in the family? While this option may make many siblings cringe, it's certainly not the case with Dianthus. Jackie and Jessica Parry are twins and had the surprising idea of forming a progressive rock duo with a metal edge.

When you know a little bit about the music world, and especially the alternative scene, you know that women are not represented enough, especially outside the role of singer. This rising duo with undeniable alchemy is self-sufficient. Jessica on drums and backing vocals, Jackie on guitar and vocals. Several well felt riffs, good power chords, a soft but

chords, a soft but present lead voice, and a calm strength are the key of this first album

-Worth Living For- which lets foresee a rise in power of the music and the career of Dianthus.

A rise in power that these confinements did not stop; the two sisters spoke in interviews from afar, affirming that despite an irrepressible desire to return to the stage, their creative process was still in motion. They are back on all streaming platforms this Friday, December 12 with their new single 'Lonicera' that fans have been waiting for.

One wonders if this single, released in still troubled times, will follow the line of the first album, with that certain almost unreal energy, as if mystical, or if we will find the Parry sisters in a slightly different universe and more rooted in reality. Either way, this early Christmas present should delight the hearts of many rockers around the world, starting with the Earama team.

Find it on all platforms !

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