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Need a show ? Here is a long list of dates you could go to !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

The health crisis is getting better and the concerts are finally back. All the artists are announcing their tour dates little by little and it's starting to be a lot of dates ! In case you have missed some, here is the list of upcoming concerts of the musicians present on the Earama encyclopedia !

As December Falls

This Pop-Rock band with a 'Paramore' vibe may not have announced a headline tour but they won't be bored ! The band has announced that they are part of the line-up of all these festivals!

-> Primordial’s General Mayhem Fest (UK) -> 22-23 April 2022 Tickets

-> Teddy Rocks Fest (UK) -> 30 April - 1 May 2022 Tickets

-> KingFest (UK) -> 1-4 June 2022 Tickets

-> Slam Dunk Festival (UK) -> 3-4 June 2022 Tickets

-> Rock For People Fest (UK) ->15-18 June 2022 Tickets

-> Dominion Festival (UK) -> 29-31 July 2022 Tickets

Charming Liars

The rock band who recently released "Left Behind" for this occasion, has announced many dates in the last weeks ! On tour with Palaye Royale, then with White Lies, followed by 2 headline dates!

We give you all the dates below and the tickets are available here !


This wonderful Metal band created by the twins Jackie and Jessica in the US has a date with DIAMANTE ! A concert not to be missed !

Tickets here !


The Scottish rock band is back on the road in the UK for a tour that starts in a few days only!

Get your tickets here !

Les 3 Fromages

The French Rock'N'Fun band is back on tour for your pleasure! Their new album was released on March 11th, the first day of the tour, so they wanted to celebrate and make you enjoy it !

And on top of that, they have calculated everything so that at least one of the concerts is at maximum 2 hours from your home, so go for it!


The metal band Scarlean has recently announced a few dates, some of them in Festival, some of them as an opening act for another artist....

They will play with Les 3 Fromages on March 25 and 26, 2022 (Tickets), on April 26, 2022 at Rock à l'Usine (Tickets) and on July 2, 2022 at Kave Fest (Tickets).

Switch The MC

The British rapper will be playing with others on May 13th 2022! A concert not to be missed! Tickets here!

The Ugly Kings

The Rock'N'Blues band will play at the Brews & Blues festival on April 9th 2022!(Tickets)

They also announced an Australian tour ! Dates are right there and tickets right here !

Winona Avenue

The wonderful pop band created by 2 brothers a few years ago will be part of FaithFest on June 25th 2022 ! (Tickets)


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