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News Of February !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This month of February was full of new songs! Let's talk about three of them, and not the least!

On February 18th, Maxthor offers us 'She's Out Of This World', a single that makes us want to move. We already know the electro-them, but some more funk and groovy sounds come to add ! 'She's Out Of This World' is "out of space and time"! A nice little gem to discover.

On February 25th, Yulia Ehwaz comes back to the roots in collaboration with ArtVision and offers us 'Stuck', a soft, suave track, with the bewitching voice of Yulia Ehwaz. A nice moment of poetry...

It is also on February 25th that määcs releases 'Ready, Set, Go'. We could already notice that some songs were electro-pop like Hurts while others, led by solos and more supported rhythms bring us back to the Metal side. It is with lots of skills that määcs mixes these two worlds in this new single.

A nice tour de force that delighted us. To discover urgently.


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