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'Dark Emergency', the new Geisha Skills track !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This February 25th, something crazy happened! You couldn't miss it... My birthday!!! Of course, you all knew it and that's why Geisha Skills honored us with his new single on this day worthy of a national holiday. What??? I'm doing too much... Well, maybe a little... Let's get to the point then! (party poopers...)

Let's come back to our business and talk about this new diamond made by Geisha Skills. Called 'Dark Emergency', it is a song however felt with full of hope, metal to death, melodic slaughter, as usual, Geisha Skills takes us where he wishes it but leaves us the choice of the destination (yes, this sentence does make sense!).

It is this paradox with Geisha Skills that we appreciate so much. Well aware of walking in his world and his head, his music remains a journey in ourselves, our images, our decor, it's all our feelings that direct us.

For me, the 'Dark Emergency', closing my eyes, is a mix of urgency to live in a world upside down, the urgency also to revolt against everything that does not suit us, the division, the individualism, the lack of spirituality, the state.

So I find a kind of hope in imagining the reunification of humanity...

You will have understood, this remains very subjective and that's the beauty of Geisha Skills' songs ! You will find your meaning there... After all, to quote Dave Grohl : "That's the great thing about music. You can sing a song to 85.000 people, and they'll sing it back for 85.000 different reasons".

The strictly musical tracks of Geisha Skills may not have any text, but they are not less meaningful for that!

In short, we are still in front of a complete work, masterly led by Geisha Skills. Run to discover 'Dark Emergency'!

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