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'2021' reasons to listen to Geisha Skills' new track !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Some time ago Mr. Geisha Skills informed me that a new track would be released soon. It didn't take more than that for me to put an option on listening and writing an article about it. And no, I'm not convert... well... yes, maybe a little, but listen, quality is something you enjoy without moderation!

So, without waiting more, I'm going to listen to it! The song puts us immediately in the step, rhythm, guitar, song, everything is well metal, desire to headbang and to close the eyes. I do it. What a pleasure! The featuring of Lowmthrfckr is breathtaking! A perfect saturated voice on the major part of the track marries perfectly the powerful and bewitching guitar of Geisha Skills. The years pass, they are complicated for the last ones, and obviously we feel it in the power of this track.

The strength of this single lies in the punchy lyrics, a heavy rhythm and guitar and technically still at the top and the voice of Lowmthrfckr that blends with strength and grace.

But obviously this song is also full of nuances and that's what we like about Geisha Skills! It is not only a hard-hitting track, but also nuggets sprinkled in small soft and bewitching bridges, impeccably led by the voice and the music which remain united and in perfect harmony. A musical osmosis! Anyways, these two know each other well for having collaborated in the same band! Besides, you can be your curious-self and go listen to "Play It Tricky" on the YouTube channel of Geisha Skills, because believe me, when we heard these gentlemen let go together, we want more!

In short, '2021' is still a track as meticulously structured, as a troublemaker in our brains that makes a delicious mess!

A metal hand in a velvet glove, go, listen, head bang, jump on this track available on all platforms here!

P.S.: Nice nod to Prince's '1999'! Thanks guys!

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