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Patknot hits us with a committed song in featuring with Geisha Skills!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Last Friday, February 13, 2021, Patknot unveiled to the world his first solo project, named 'Anger's Anthem'!

Who is Patknot?

First member of Reign The Darkness, a metal band located in Switzerland, as a singer and guitarist, he decided to dedicate himself, lately, to a more solo career. While remaining in the Rock and Metal, we can feel a slight difference between the songs composed with his band and this one, although we find the claw of the artist in this song featuring Geisha Skills. This first track gives us a taste of Patknot's solo career, and you won't be disappointed!

To say the least, very engaged because of the current context of the planet, this song makes us think a lot about our own emotions and our way of digesting (emotionally speaking) the meal that is served to us in this period of troubles.

We find a frenzied rhythm that makes us want to shake our heads like at a rock concert, accompanied by very interesting lyrics that we invite you to read!

If we could already be satisfied with a song to give us a smile, Patknot and Geisha Skills have also released a lyric video to accompany their track. Disturbing and current images accompany a text with a great message. Can you decipher it? Go and have a look!

We also leave you the Spotify link here !

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