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We tell you all about 'The Stamp', the new single of Geisha Skills !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It is this day, the 1st of July, that Geisha Skills honors us with one of his instrumental songs and not the least! "The Stamp". Here is an interesting title... It can mean many different thinghs... A stamp, a seal, a punch, a marking... My brain already starts to build up 1 000 theories, so I start listening, I let myself be guided, dream, imagine...

We enter immediately in a cosmic and Rock atmosphere. I hear connotations of Alternative Rock, suffering, history written in notes and these bridges calmer, bewitching... Then the images arrive as the solos are set up on a background led by this sound always very Rock.

'The Stamp'... Yes, interesting... I see this struggle, marked in the flesh, like a scar that becomes a warrior's tattoo, as if punched to mark its value, like the seal of a Viking becoming the Jarl by dint of battles won without ever letting go, like the stamp that is the proof of a time and a specific place, of a home sweet home... I may be going astray, yes...

But during the calmer beaches, I see her falling down on her knees with a bruised body, but regain strength through the sea water that covers her knees in waves. The sun brings her back to life, courage and the soul filled with that which does not kill us, makes us stronger. I see her this ultimate won fight, her deaf cries, her twisted mouth and the look of the winner !

Ok, I share with you my vision, it is personal, but after all, isn't it all the beauty, the strength and the magic of Geisha Skills to embark us always further in order to write our history on its notes?...

All you have to do now is to engrave yours. 'The Stamp' will remain a piece more than outstanding, led as usual, with an expert hand, by the outstanding musician that is Geisha Skills.

I can only invite you to embark on this new journey, via 'Geisha Skills internal tourism' by clicking here. Bravo Sir, once again, a pearl of more, a masterpiece Rock and bewitching, a pirate treasure marked with a cross whose personal location is known to everyone.

P.S.: We will note in passing the photo which images this instrumental song, Mr Geisha Skills in person marked of his seal in full face, to wonder if it is the artist who marks the man or the man who marks the artist... A perfect symbiosis?

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