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'8', the new Geisha Skills' song ft. Patknot !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On March 25th, Geisha Skills honored us with a brand new single called '8'. We find there the very metal sound of Geisha Skills which lends itself with force to the voice of Patknot, singer, author, composer that we strongly invite you to discover on our site ! This metalhead with Rock, Metal, Hard influences is definitely not there by mistake.

We had already been able to witness the participation of Patknot on 'Anger's Anthem' by Geisha Skills in February 2021. These two know each other well and love the same sounds, it can only stick and be felt in the tracks !

'8', or as you will have understood 'Hate' is a fabulous paradox. It speaks obviously about the heavy and omnipresent hate by the means of the saturated voice of Patknot, on the well trash guitar of Geisha Skills... Yes but... I did speak about paradox because to the general surprise we speak here about spreading the love.

It would not be a question of making amalgams worthy of a good old "Metalheads are heartless satanist drunks". Where do the most beautiful love songs come from ??? From the best metal bands of course !

Velvet hands in a metal glove, that's what we offer you today, by following the link below to listen with delight to the new Geisha Skills ft. Patknot track !

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