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'Walkthrough' the inner you !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

To listen urgently or to listen again if you had the good idea to subscribe to his YouTube channel (or any other platform), Geisha Skills honors us with his new track 'Walkthrough'.

Released on December 17th, it's an enchanting track, to listen with your eyes closed, in order to enjoy these moments of inner ballad, that he offers us each time in a tasty and generous way.

I love so much this moment when someone calls me to say "Can you write an article about Geisha Skills?" Not only is my yes not long in coming, but as a bonus I know how much I'm going to enjoy listening to this track over and over to get the essence of it.

Once again I am not disappointed, but well transported in this bubble where what Geisha Skills makes us pass and my personal feeling, where our entangled experiences are mixed. This is what you will feel when you'll let yourself be invaded by "Walkthrough".

We walk in our inner self, our emotions, guided by the incredible guitar of Geisha Skills while being caught up in a deep atmosphere.

Forget the world and sink into this other dimension. Bravo Geisha Skills for this piece so well composed, inspired, played, arranged, in short, I don't even tell you to go and listen to it, but to live an experience - once again - out of the ordinary!

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