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Geisha Skills releases a new wonderful track full of emotions !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It's on June 3rd that Geisha Skills, in collab' with M4TH offered us in music his 'Inner Battlefield'.

With a Metalcore sound and bridges almost rapped, which remind us the good bands of fusion like Linkin Park, this track takes us immediately in the center of the battle. We feel musically, a powerful anger and sadness, invading. The lyrics come then to be added in order not to leave any more place in the doubt.

We touch here the actuality without mask and especially the human and deep feeling of the evils of our society, which divides, isolates itself in front of the governments which use our head too much dizzy, to subject us a little more still...

The vision of the artists will thus go until speaking about misanthropy. The term is strong but well chosen.

There is in spite of everything a bottom of hope, to find the dignity and the humanity in these so dark and disenchanted times. Yes, this piece is violent, hard and sad, but it is also full of revolt, and as a great philosopher would say: "The revolt is the bearer of change, of hope in its determination to raise the voice and the spirits and to never resign itself" (Well ok, it's from me, but it's still true!!)

A piece that will touch you, and therefore -I hope- will turn your inner battlefields, for the armistice in music of M4TH and the great Geisha Skills.

Bravo gentlemen, a real great musical and human moment! And as Prince would say : "Peace and be wild" !

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