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'Circolus Vitiosus', the vicious circle from which one does not want to escape!

Hey, hey, hey! The latest nugget from Geisha Skills arrived on September 30th!

Yes, you read that right!

And when I say nugget, I mean a pirate treasure chest full of duplicates! The artist also offers us a featuring of the no less talented Patknot.

These two know each other well, for having, in the past, regularly worked together on some of the tastiest metal tracks.

And what better way to get a taste of metal in your mouth than blood? The blood of the innocent, the blood shed for a country, ideals, the blood that reddens the face of anger of a people bathed in the mafia and a government that fights but that also gets corrupted.

The song is in Italian and begins its lyrics video with a quote from the Italian anti-mafia judge Paolo Borsellino, killed in an attack by the head of the Cosa Nostra:

"Politica é mafia sono due poteri che vivono sul controllo dello stesso territorio: o si la guerra o si mettono d'accordo."

'Politics and mafia are two powers that live on the control of the same territory:

they either get into war or they get along.'

Going through history, one can realize that nothing really changes and that, unfortunately, this is a worldwide observation...

Geisha Skills and Patknot like to get to the heart of the matter, to deconstruct and forget to sugarcoat, so that the truth appears to us as naked as it is raw. And that's why we love their featurings! Once again, we can feel how the powerful voice of Patknot comes to be posed in a completely natural and perfect way on the notes and chords of our virtuoso of Metal Geisha Skills.

An alliance made to delight us and to last. Only one question remains: when will the next one be released?

Listen to 'Cirolus Vitiosus' here!

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