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Patknot, "a metal hand in a velvet glove" !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It was with a not dissimulated impatience that we waited for the first single of the musician, singer and incredible author that is Patknot. Yes, because not content with always satisfying us with his voice, sometimes velvet, sometimes metal, he also wears all the hats!

We discovered him in Reign The Darkness, an independent rock band with metal sounds in which he played for 3 years. Last year we had the pleasure to interview him. Happiness indeed, because he was not lacking in spirit, nor in amazing musical references! It was on this occasion that he publicly exposed his work, in order to achieve a solo career.

The first single which results from it entitled "Away from me", released on June 01st, is a nugget of size! From the beginning he serves us a saturated rock track and his voice that puts us immediately in the metal and deep atmosphere. We are as if caught by his universe, the setting is set and becomes clear every second with a furiously well written text. The paradox of this song is brought with a splendid style, while posing in a powerful way his "stay the fuck away from me" he describes someone harmful and toxic that he chooses to get out of his life to find his positivity and his moresoyance. It is thus by the means of a very dark text, that Patknot shows us the way to follow to save the internal light of each one. A nice tour de force, all in softness!

It is strong of all these nuances that Patknot hits hard with a first track as powerful as bewitching! To consume without moderation! A question burns my lips "to whom are these words addressed?" Maybe we will get this answer in the future interview of Patknot, already scheduled .... To be continued, but it promises to be very interesting !!! stay tuned music lovers ! And in the meantime, go and devour this quality piece !

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