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Let's take a look at Geisha Skills' music in 2022 !

While we have just said goodbye to the year 2022 and started the new one with a smile, it is still necessary to keep the strong moments of emotion and happiness of this year !

Therefore, I decided to look back on the successful and great year of our dear Geisha Skills.

After having sprinkled the year with releases, compositions and featurings, he decided to leave us gifts under the tree!

You remember without any doubt the singles on which I did not fail to make you articles (No?! Well, you can find everything in our press section, lucky you!) These nuggets like 'The Stamp', which we listened to in his 'Karma Café', walking around in his 'Inner Battlefield' leaving us a 'Dark Emergency' to discover even more !

We also had the pleasure to have many featurings with outstanding artists like Patknot, M4th or Lowmthrfckr, showing us all the facets and power of Geisha Skills to work and arrange custom instrumentals !

Well, you should know that on October 27th, Geisha Skills delivered 'The Yellow Queen', a very complete album! Because not being satisfied to regroup already released titles, Geisha Skills gives us not less than 11 songs on this opus!

A musical story to listen to track after track as we would turn the pages of a book, impatient to know the continuation.

But he didn't stop there !

On November 24th, he released 'Sicario', with Lowmthrfckr in featuring. We feel the ease that these two have to work together while totally dodging the trap of the habit and the déjà vu ; a couple made to last !!

To finish in beauty, on December 15th, it is the release of a title that I particularly like; 'Sad City'. Well scratched Geisha Skills, it offers us these soaring tracks and its powerful and technically impeccable guitar rhythms which make its greatness. In short, this piece grabs us, and keeps us in suspense until a grandiose end !

The year Geisha Skills was thus rich and prolific, we wish him the next one just as musically fruitful (even if I already know after confidences that the projects and the surprises are going well), without forgetting to thank him for all these titles of which he honored us throughout this year !

Go listen, listen again, subscribe... You will be delighted !

And to you too, happy musical year ! ( by our side, of course :) )

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