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'Left Behind', the new track made by Charming Liars

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Accustomed to listening to and writing about new Charming Liars singles, I am so often charmed (mission accomplished, boys), but also surprised by the extent of their musical universe. For this time, I'll make an exception and quickly summarize the music to focus on the essential... the text!

The song starts and I quickly let myself float and beat the measure, it is as catchy as soaring, nice paradox, I take a real pleasure. But then the song begins and life gets suspended for a moment. It is a poignant, deep text. A society far too individualistic, I know, but the lights of Charming Liars on the feeling of this situation enlighten me on this dark path that is the depression resulting from the feeling of isolation and misunderstanding.

This infernal spiral that locks us up, walled up in silence until we can no longer find the right words or the strength to call for help, until we feel transparent, invisible and sink even deeper.

This song takes us by storm, gives us the shivers and leads us, hopefully, to leave this individualism to pay attention and really see the people around.

It is a masterpiece of writing, a dramatic poetry.

However, this so catchy music and Kiliyan's voice added like a real actor, pushes us to keep hope ; starting with ourselves, each of us should reach out so that no one feels left alone, 'Left Behind'.

Sorry for this article written with a lot of emotions and probably, in fact, with a little less musical analysis, but after all, music is also and above all made for that : to feel, to understand, to gather, to unite...

So a big congratulations to Charming Liars and -with a lot of emotions- thank you for this track !

P.S: Little reminder that the song came out to celebrate the announcement of an upcoming European tour ! Dates here !

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