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Let's take a look at the latest music releases !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Recently, we have been able to taste new musical dishes from our great chefs the artists. Here we offer you a great menu of appetizers, main course and dessert, without forgetting the petit-fours to make your mouth water. A complete and garnished meal, with no lack of spicy surprises!

1 - Charming Liars and their new EP 'Sequence 1 : Noisemaker'

A new ep has been added to the Charming Liars discography.

"Sequence 1" would perhaps mean the first of a long list of ingredients of the great final dish.

2 - Winona Avenue's new album straight from the oven!

Winona Avenue serves us on a platter this new eponymous album composed of 12 tracks more elevated than the others.

You can listen to it here !

3 - Switch The MC and his new track full of flavors!

A new track that does not lack of flavors and that was very expected by the fans of Switch The MC.

We leave you the link to access all the platforms here.

4 - 'Technodrone', the new dish concocted by The Ugly Kings!

A pinch of Rock with a futuristic aftertaste, this track has everything to make your eardrums and taste buds vibrate!

It is also on this occasion that The Ugly Kings announced their next album !

5 - L. A. Street Hawk serve us champagne with 'Letting You Down' !

Featuring Badison, we got another taste of the secret ingredient that L.A. Street Hawk puts in each of his dishes! We leave you here with 5 minutes of intense happiness.

6 - A dish not yet on the market is 'Angel's Light' from Al Zaïr!

It is on his Instagram account that the artist Al Zaïr shared with us a priceless taste of his next track! Only a few seconds but already enough to bait us.

The video is only available on Instagram, so we leave you another song here!

We hope that this great menu will satisfy you and we wish you a good appetite!


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