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Let's start the year right with 'Pieces' by Charming Liars!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This Friday, January 29, 2021, Charming Liars unveiled their new song 'Pieces', available on all platforms.

If the group had been able to charm us with their last releases during the previous months, they have now decided to vibrate a different string to us, that of rock! A song with a faster rhythm than usual, which will make you jump like a concert hall without any doubt!

A single that gives a smile, the desire to move, but also a deep text, carefully worked on a background of metaphors and light, it is a canvas painted souls as wild as angelic, sounding the death knell of the gloom of the moment. It's what we all need to end the first month of the year right!

Available on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube, AmazonMusic, Soundcloud and TIDAL for only a few hours, the song is already getting a lot of love from fans of Karnig, Kiliyan and Mike.

Starting slowly, one could have expected a soft music, a kind of transcendent ballad as the band knows so well how to do since ever. From the first verse, we can feel, thanks to the bass reasoning in our rib cage, a more aggressive guitar and heavy lyrics, that it will not be at all. As for the chorus, it simply makes us want to go back to the concert to jump in rhythm with hundreds of other fans!

To sum up, the band has written one of their most beautiful songs, more haunting, more rocking, while giving it that energy and atmosphere of Charming Liars' music!

If you haven't listened to this marvel yet, we invite you to remedy it!

If you want to listen to it / download it on another platform, click here!

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