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Charming Liars end their new album with 'High' !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

May be 1st April, but that's not an April Fools ! Charming Liars released a new song today called 'High', closing the album 'Tourniquet'.

Starting in January 2021, the band kept releasing tracks from times to times that created the EPs 'Sequence 1 : Noisemaker' and 'Sequence 2 : The After'. Each EP is composed of three songs. And lately, they gave us three other songs called 'Wreck It All', 'Left Behind' and 'High' !

I bet you're good at maths and you understood that there are nine titles that the band regrouped to compose a whole new album ! The album is called 'Tourniquet' and it surely makes our heads spin !

They gave us little pieces of their work and all those little pieces make an incredible album ! We can find once again the fabulous Charming Liars music that sounds like no one else, Kiliyan's amazing voice, their awesome lyrics and their catchy beats that make us dance and

jump even if the lyrics are the opposite

mood !

What's good with Charming Liars is that they never run out of energy and of ideas to entertain their fans and show them some love ! So go listen to this work of art called 'Tourniquet' (right here) and show this band some love too !

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