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Charming Liars, or the rocking surprise that 'Wreck It All' !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It is in the general surprise that the cat came out of the bag this very morning ! Indeed, a brand new track - the first one of the future EP - appeared today on all the platforms after the announcement of the band on the networks.

It is without further delay that your favorite editor (yes me, yes! Yeah, yeah..... Let me believe it uh!) has willingly and voluntarily reached out to this new track called "Wreck It All".

From the beginning of the track, I am seduced by the rhythmic, then the bass... This sound gets into me, I start to tap my foot and I let myself go to the pleasure of this Pop-Rock sound ! I walk quietly between Placebo and Paramore. Tones very English Pop-Rock, that gets deeper on the chorus, I want to get up, to dance, to jump, I can't wait for a live version !

Congratulations to Charming Liars who reinvent themselves on this track, Wreck it all for sure, because I love to hear what is rebuilt !

This track is a little wonder, beautiful and well branded Charming Liars. The sweet voice of Kiliyan gives depth to a track with a definite rock sound that leads us to dream of a concert hall and a crowd transported, united and bouncing !

It is a positive breath, which gives the highest energy in this less joyful period. So go ahead, listen to this song and take the strength and the smile it inspires !

Thank you Charming Liars and I can't wait to hear more !

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