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Warning : This could become your 'Favorite Show'!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

This Monday, March 15, Charming Liars made us the surprise to share a live video of their song 'Favorite Show' released in April 2020.

A set of lights animated by Duck Lights comes to ignite a kind of cube in the middle of a dark room where the musicians are. We find Karnig, Kiliyan, Mike and Joshua Reynolds, a drummer who joins them for the live sessions! We have in front of our eyes a passionate show produced by these four musicians in need of a concert!

Shot at the end of November 2020, this video is the fifth of a long series. Indeed, the artists have given themselves to the heart to offer us, fans who are waiting for the reopening of the rooms, unpublished live videos!

So we leave you with this wonderful video, which will become your 'Favorite Show'!

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