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We present you the nuggets of the day !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

In these more than complicated times, artists are working hard to lighten our daily lives. And no, no curfew for music fortunately! Forbidden to perform, but not to create, (Gods of music, thank you) they keep on learning to become experienced alchemists and change these days of lead into gold!

You will have understood, I have just sifted the sand and I bring you the nuggets of the day to admire without moderation!

Let's start with Brian's Stone who offers us a rich and brilliant ballad 'Raton Sécheur'.

Thank you for the well-being and the freshness of this piece...

On his side, OWLERZ offers us today 'Outter Space', a track that takes us away, electro, rhythmic, transcendent, something to dream about and to walk in the cosmos with him !

Charming Liars, for their part, seduce us with a live version of their excellent track 'BLAME' which will leave you under the spell with a smile and the dream of seeing them again, like so many others, on stage at last! A ball of oxygen!

2nd of the 10 live versions they will sprinkle our lives with in the coming months, in partnership with Duck Lights who make it possible to feel almost real in concert!

Meanwhile, Bethany, the lead singer of As December Falls, sparked a furious reaction from her fans when she posted a photo of herself on stage today, arms open and soulful, with the simple question 'Who's ready for a new song?'

The answer was not long in coming...

Of course, we will inform you about this long awaited release!

Finally, Illicit Thoughts tease us the release of a new track 'Hollow' which despite its name will probably not go unnoticed!

In any case, we are looking forward to new masterpieces from this metal band, which will awaken our desires!

Thanks to all these artists who give themselves so that the music does not remain silent,

Peace, Love, and Rock'on !

See you soon to fill your baskets with gold, and to see you with shining eyes, discovering other unhoped-for riches!

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