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Let's take a look at 'Go Away', the new As December Falls single !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Rock, Punk and Pop lovers, here's something for you to enjoy!

As December Falls has just released a new single! And no, you are not dreaming! After the incredible album released in August 2021 called 'Happier', we thought that the band couldn't make us happier and yet! The last born called 'Go Away' doesn't make us run away, but the opposite! (We don't make fun of my puns or I bite, ok?!)

Paramorian intonations (yeah, I'm a neologist, too!), a strong energy, a rhythmic that sends heavy and a sound well Rock-Pop-Punk, all that led by the pretty Bethany, it gives shivers and desires to move, jump, sing to the sound of this single full of freedom and strength.

Displaying the lyrics of a woman decided never to undergo unhealthy love, but to really live, Bethany, confident, leads us and raises us in a positive and combative spirit.

To summarize, go and listen to 'Go Away' or enjoy the video clip (because yes, the video clip is also released, lucky you!) if you want to know what the nice vitamin cocktail that As December Falls brings us tastes like !

Congratulations for this new single that makes us impatient to hear more and makes us excited about a new album!


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