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As December Falls take us for a 'Carousel' ride !

The year 2023 starts strong with a new track from the British Pop-Punk band, As December Falls ! It's on January 6th, 2023 that we could discover 'Carousel', a track that will make you want to buy your tickets for their next concert !

Let's go back to the band first !

Founded in 2014, the band has already released 2 albums, an EP and several singles that -we hope- will be part of the next album ! The band is getting more and more popular and have even recently gone on a European tour !

They have also already announced new shows for 2023, which you can find here !


Let's get back to the serious stuff. Their new track entitled 'Carousel' has almost reached 55k streams on Spotify and the video has surpassed 150k views on YouTube in just one week !

It's in a 'Carousel' ride that the young Pop-Punk band gives us a nice hard rock guitar for more Pop choruses, a well thought out and well executed mix. Bethany gives us all that she has for the biggest pleasure of our ears. A song that we can't wait to hear live, as much for its punch as for the band itself !

The lyrics are about love and probably about a toxic love, which makes us turn around, hurts us and yet makes us addicted, creating an emotional battle in our inner fort which is, in my opinion, pictured in the video by the fight led by Sebastian Slusarczyk and Iva Bedford. This fight is certainly the fight of the two lovers but I think it is also about the inner reflection of each one.

This track will surely be part of the next album called 'Join The Club', which will be released this year. And all we have to say is: When will the next one come out?

In the meantime, you can find 'Carousel' on all platforms and watch the music video!

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