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September, September... Earth, Wind and Charming Liars !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

When Charming Liars takes on a cover, it's a nice surprise; let's remember "I'm Still Standing", magical and incredible in the 'velvet' version of the band. A few days ago, Charming Liars offered us a cover just as surprising!

"September" from Earth, Wind and Fire, that funky and groovy hit that made all the travoltas in flares pants sweat. One would expect that such a mythical title would be impossible to transform... Well... Surprise, Charming Liars did it!

Their Pop-Rock sound has taken over this song with talent and taste! Not only does Charming Liars revive this song, but they give it a second youth, a second life!

The professionalism of the boys of the band leaves us once again with open mouths, wide eyes, smiles and butterflies in the stomach!

Bravo to them and as the great Prince said so well: "It's time to Funk'N'Roll!"

Undeniably a real favorite, go quickly discover this treasure!

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