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'V', the new album from Les 3 Fromages, stronger than a piece of Maroilles !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On March 11, like a hearty raclette, Les 3 Fromages treated us to their new and fifth album simply called 'V'.

4 years after 'Maman j'ai raté l'album', they prove us that their ingredients are still there ; their humor, their sarcasm, their mastery of different musical styles, their writing always so delicious... We leave delighted, satiated, totally fulfilled.

Obviously, we find their references to famous songs or musicians - my favorite one being the reference to Matmatah - they do it like nobody else!

It is a real pleasure to find them again and each song is a real good surprise! Beyond the humorous aspect of the band, I am always admiring their mastery and their professionalism.

We leave the listening of this album with only one desire : live!

And as you may know, the band is already on tour so don't wait any longer ! Run to buy the album and the concert tickets ! Guaranteed pleasure for the experience offered with these 2 purchases !

Thanks guys for this happiness, a real smiling break in the middle of these more than troubled times,

Love, Peace, Rock'N'Cheese !

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