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Les 3 Fromages, the call to fans or the shared gift!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

You have enjoyed each of the first 4 albums and their reputation is well established.

In these complicated times where the stage and the contact in a general way with the public is cruelly missing to our artists, Les 3 Fromages did not stop working. A 5th opus could see the day but, as explained on their social networks, with the help of their fans.

They opened a kitty, aiming at the production of this 5th album, by the well thus of a participative financing. Sacred bet! But the confidence in their fans seems to be rewarded!

In only 48 hours, Les 3 Fromages have gathered 70% of the sum necessary to the realization of this blue dream of Auvergne, thanks to you! Just a little effort and the trick will be done!

I invite you to visit their Instagram page to know not only where and how to participate, but also to follow the evolution of this adventure, which, as always with them, promises to be tasty!

Les 3 Fromages, they are fun but hard-working musicians, cool but ambitious, pranksters but grateful! And in this image, you will see that in exchange for your participation, you will receive gifts.

You will find the link of the fund below, thank you for them, so that even with a mask, the music does not remain silent!

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