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All about 'Inferno', OWLERZ's new dark track

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On December 17th 2021, OWLERZ offered us a new track in collaboration with Evilnoiz ! We were able to exchange a few words with the fabulous French DJ who confided some information about 'Inferno'.

<< We wanted a really dark music, which represents a war against hell.

From the intro the anvil samples inspired us for the rest of the music. >>

The track starts with sounds that rise crescendos and anvils that set the tone on the hell of work, this hard work. These anvil sounds can also be heard as a chain sound, but that's your imagination's job to find out.

<< It tells a real story, with Evilnoiz we are really proud of this track. >>

And you can be ! A story that has no trouble to come out of the track and that makes us capsize in a war not only against the Hell itself, as we usually say, but also a war against our own hell, which can be daily, can be work or routine... Something to lock us in our own thoughts and make us think deeply.

Let's remember that OWLERZ was not alone on this track ! He and Evilnoiz, this French-Slovakian Dupstep duo, talked for many months, even more than a year about setting up a project together but it's only in May 2021 that they started working on this track that is 'Inferno'.

<< We did the whole project remotely by video-calling each other at least 3/4 times a week until the beginning of July. >>

If the Covid situation knew how to stop some, others found well modern solutions to remedy it! About 2 months of work, then 5 months of waiting, and the project finally available on all platforms, is released on Dreamin Records, a French electro music label!

If you haven't already figured it out, we strongly suggest you go and listen to this track (or listen to it again, if you already have) because we at Earama are big fans of it!

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