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'Broken', the long awaited album of Except One juste came out !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

It is today, Saturday, January 15 that the Parisian Metal band unveils their new album entitled 'BROKEN'. Announced 2 months ago on their social networks, the album composed of 10 tracks (we remind you that 'IN NOMINE' was released on November 24, 2021, accompanied by a music video) was highly awaited by fans who were filled with happiness when they woke up this morning.

The album starts with a 50 second intro called 'Hollow'. No lyrics, but a few notes accompanied by some claps that fit perfectly to announce the beginning of a track (between us, I think it will make a great interlude on stage).

We are then brought to four titles that don't leave us begging for more and where Estelle, singer with a vocal technique of her own, gives everything she has to offer us her best screams !

A small break with 'BROKEN', music with the eponymous title, which almost brings us to catch our breath and become aware before plunging back into the deep lyrics that the other tracks offer us.

We then go back for four wild tracks that give us only one desire: to hear these songs at a concert to be able to headbang in rhythm while feeling each vibration of the bass, each hit on the drums resound in our rib cage.

Yes, we are totally converted to Except One's music and we can't wait for the shows to start again to hear it live! So now it's your turn to go and listen to this fabulous album made by Except One !

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