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'In Nomine', Except One's new track !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Let's talk today about the release of Except One's new single "In Nomine". It was yesterday that we could discover the brand new clip of their new track.

Estelle in saturated voice on the whole track, wants to shout the truth.

The truth of our society, built on power, religion, the domination of money and overconsumption.

She shows herself with a makeup that reminds us of the great Marilyn Manson and a sexy look, really Metal that brings us back to the style of Chris Motionless! Nice references, a powerful song full of meaning, musicians at the ready to serve us raw Metal, an explosive cocktail!

"In Nomine', a speaking title, a revealing moment on the power of this band and a moment of pure pleasure for sure!

In short, go quickly to discover the clip and the new bluffing single of Except One!

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