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Heart breaking, Mind blowing new single by Her Last Sight !

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Her Last Sight, a strong and powerful Metal band, has recently offered itself - announced on October 21, 2021 - a brand new member: Liron Avital. This band, which already had nothing to envy to anyone, is now even richer!

Indeed, we have just, with delight, discovered the first single from this new formation. Liron Avital, who was already the producer of their first album, grabs the bass and shares the microphone with Nir Schwartz, the lead singer of the band since its beginnings. As a bonus, Liron mixed, produced and mastered this new single.

Let's talk about this track: 'Heart//Mind'. A very Metal single, with strong musicians with a very sharp technique! But it goes much further. The very strong lyrics that denounce this permanent paradox between feelings and reason take us to the heart and guts. The voices of Liron and Nir make us totally feel all the hot and cold of love, the delicacy, the pain, the passion, the unreason, the sweetness and the violence of the struggle against oneself.

In short, this title is a marvel and a pure success, especially when we touch the domain of love, which remains, without any doubt, the most exploited in music. It takes talent to still shake our emotions on this subject and talent, they have it in abundance!

Our hearts and brains are in agreement on this point, we love them and we have good reasons for that, so go listen to this song and... feel it!

PS : We will underline the arrival of the new merch of the band for this occasion !

And we'll mention that a giveaway contest is on the way to win a t-shirt and an effect pedal. Not bad, right ?

Have a great time listening to them !

The Earama Team

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