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Her Last Sight reveal all about their first album 'Mirrors'

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Her Last Sight, a young Israeli metalcore band, honored us this Friday, March 12th with the release of their debut album 'Mirrors'!

Let's first go back a little bit on the band.

It is in 2019 that Ofek and Shay, two guitarists, decided to create a band with other musicians. These ones leaving the group following various musical desires, it was then necessary to find new members. Alon and Nir, two musicians from another band, met Ofek and that's how their collaboration started. They found Ron, the missing piece of this crazy puzzle, at the beginning of 2020.

Even though the band knew how to bait and switch us on 'Forever Gone' and 'What Does It Mean', we are thrilled to be able to find a whole album today, available on all music streaming platforms!

In addition to releasing the 9 new songs we were waiting for, Her Last Sight offered us a little gift: a video for their song 'Rise Up'!

And today, only 3 days after its release, we can see that the band has already exceeded 1,000 views!

We can therefore agree that the release of this first album is a success, and we wish them continued success! We leave you here our recent interview, and in writing!

Earama - Hello everyone. We are here today with Her Last Sight! How are you guys doing?

Alon: I'm doing great, I'm doing great!

Earama - I'm glad to hear that. So how is your life with the pandemic?

Nir: It's going... Now, in this world... I think most of us know that we're all ready here, everyone has a vaccine, or almost, I think. Over 70% of the people here have already been vaccinated. So, the bars are already open and we are scheduling shows again, so it's really amazing.

Earama - Yes, it's amazing! So let's talk about your album. It's your very first one. How do you feel about it?

Nir - Hmm... What do we think about it? I think we feel really good! We worked really hard on the album, I think it took us almost a year and a half of really hard work; whether it was writing, recording, mixing and mastering, and all that. And I think it's a masterpiece because we worked really hard on it and we did it during the pandemic, we had a great time; being together and working with everyone with everyone at home... We really did our best.

Earama - Amazing! What about you guys? Alon? Ron? What do you think of this album?

Ron - I love it. Absolutely every note is amazing! When I joined the band, I wasn't really into Metalcore and these guys forced me into it and I love it and I think it's great.

Earama - Supeeeeer! And you Alon?

Alon - I am extremely proud of every second and every note of this album. So I'm really happy that we released it and that we got good responses on the album.

Earama - Yes, the fans seem to love it! That's what I saw on YouTube and other platforms.

Nir - Yes, it's on every platform, on every streaming platform and it's amazing!

Earama - Indeed! So what is the message, what is the story you want to tell with this album?

Ron - Well, the message of the 'Mirrors' album is about mental health issues. Because, we believe that everyone we know, all of us, go through these issues every day. So, basically, the album brings together a lot of pieces of stories. We put them together and when we look at all the pieces, all the meanings of the songs, we realize that we're all the same and we're all connected to these problems. That's why we called the album 'Mirrors'. Which means, at that moment, when you look in the mirror, that's when it happens. That's the music, that's where it hits us, actually. In a good way of course, haha!

Earama - Yes, what is your favorite song from this album?

Nir - That's a really hard question because it changes every week. We talked about it again today, what is our favorite song, what song do we like the least. I can say for myself that I really like 'Answers' and 'New Dawn'. Those are my two favorites. What about you guys?

Alon - My favorites are also 'New Dawn' and also 'Dead Romance'. I love those.

Ron - Great song! Great song! I think my favorite song will be the one that the fans at the shows will like the most! It will be my favorite song.

Earama - This guy is already thinking about the concerts!

Nir - We are already scheduling concerts in Israel, so it's really exciting for us!

Ron - The crowd singing... I can't wait!

Earama - And I hope for you that you will soon go on an international tour.

Nir - We hope so too.

Earama - Where would you like to play the most? Which country?

Nir - For me, my dream is to play in Japan. That's my dream, yeah, I love Japan! I visited Japan and that's my dream. What about you guys?

Ron - I lived in Australia for a year, so going back to Australia as a musician must be amazing!

Alon - I want to travel to Europe.

Nir - Yeah but which country in Europe?

Alon: Just Europe... England, Germany, France...

Earama: All countries, all countries... Let's not choose! Let's not choose! All of them!

Is there an anecdote or something you want to say, when you were working on the album? Something that came to your mind, or a funny story...

Nir - I can say for myself that, for example, when we worked on the album, we mainly used the stories of our friends and how they move on with the things that happen to them. Basically, I think the big anecdote is there. It's what happens because of the Corona, because during the Covid, everything changes; people lose their jobs, people have mental problems. Every time we started working on a new song, everything came to us. When I think about 'Ghost', 'Ghost' is like someone walking away from their body and everything. It's really like the problems that happen during the Covid crisis. I think that happens to most of us like... looking for answers and looking for what you want to do.

Earama - Wonderful! And who writes the lyrics?

Nir - That's a really hard question. Basically, for this album, as we mentioned earlier, we used the stories of our friends to give a much more original form, because this album means a lot. Of course, Ron and I also got into writing the lyrics, but most of them are words from our friends that talk about mental health.

Earama - Okay. Is there anything you want to say? Maybe about the BTS in the video for 'Rise Up'.

Nir: I think it's the best! Ron did absolutely everything for and in that video; so go for it!

Alon - He did the video, he's like the director.

Ron - Actually, there was a day that I posted on Instagram. And I explained in my Instagram post the whole process of making 'Rise Up'. The video was a dream of mine to make. And I had this dream for three years now, something like that, of wanting to do a video shot in a dark room. So it was amazing to shoot the video, but it was very very difficult. It was also very hot! You know, we stood in a "what's that? A big refrigerator?". It was so hot and you know, Alon was with flames and the drums and everybody was sweating and you can see it in the video!

Earama - I believe you, haha!

Nir - It's like being in a closed refrigerator that is not frozen at all! For like, five to six hours. And when you come out, you feel... Dead, exhausted! It was historic and fun every time.

Ron - Yeah, but I think the video is great, we're getting a lot of good feedback on the video, so yeah, we're happy with it.

Earama - Great! So I have one last question. What is your dream? What is the dream (musically speaking, of course) that you want to achieve? It could be someone you would like to work with; something like that.

Nir - I give you my dream, my dream is... I think what we all dream of is to tour first! To meet other people, to be in other nations, to see cultures and things to understand the musical culture because in every country, in every state, in every part of the world it's different so that's, I think that's one of our first goals. I think our second goal is to play with our idols like for example I can give you Avenged Sevenfold, everybody loves them. Let's just talk about metalcore bands, for example we can give you Parkway Drive, they are an Australian band and I think they influenced us a lot in the album. You can hear it. August Burns Red who are my childhood heroes. I think most of us... AH and also, the big band, BULLETS FOR MY VALENTINE is like the most... Like the highest of our inspirations for us and for Ofek. And for us as a band. And... It's the ones that I think are the four biggest for us.

Earama - Do you have something to add?

Alon - I agree with every word he said.

Earama - Well, how about you, Ron? Is there anyone else you would like to work with?

Ron - So, so... Bring Me The Horizon has always been my greatest love of all time. I've been to tons of shows and I've been to France, Rock En Scène, you know, and a few years ago I saw them at Rock Im Park, and a lot of shows and Bring Me The Horizon is one of my favorites. I really enjoy those days when I learn to love Bury Tomorrow especially. They're a really good band. Great riffs, great vocals, amazing.

Earama - Great! So I have no more questions. So, is there anything you want to add, anything you want to say?

Nir - I think what we want to say is "thank you" first of all for interviewing us. It was a pleasure for us to talk with you. Really a pleasure so thank you for your time. Thank you for talking with us, it's really important, and I think... That's it! We are so excited about this album! This album is, as I mentioned earlier, and I'll mention it again, it's our hard work. And doing this with my best friends for... I think for a year, and so, it's been a journey, and we're excited for the next journey. And I think the next trip will be to France, and we will meet!

Earama - Wooooow! This could be, just, amazing!

So thank you so much guys for coming here today... well, tonight. Thank you very much because, as they say here, music shouldn't stay silent and you know it! So thank you for the new music, thank you for the hope, thank you for the shows, and I'll see you later!

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