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Let's take a look at 'Am I Asleep?' from Greywind!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Greywind's latest track, 'Am I Asleep?', is a success ! Fans listened to it over and over and the media praised the band more than Steph and Paul could have imagined!

Let's take a look at this song and its journey to our ears.

In January, Greywind already started teasing their fans with the sharing of a poster that quickly became the main topic of conversation on social networks within this community. Theories about the image started popping up all over the net and it wasn't until February 1st that we got the long awaited answers.

"We're so excited to announce that our new single 'Am I Asleep?' will be released on February 19th! We've poured out hearts into this song and can't wait for you to hear it."


Something to delight the hearts of fans who couldn't have hoped for more! On February 17th, Clash Magazine offered a preview of the official video of their new track. A small advance that didn't prevent fans, media and the world from being on every possible platform on February 19th for the official release.

Afterwards, the world's media couldn't help but talk about it in their articles. The Irish World was the first to talk about Greywind and their new title after its release. We'll leave you with the band's Instagram post to find out what the papers are saying about it:

The track was even played on several radio stations such as BBC or during the Dan Hegarty's Show and this, several times.

Following all this, the band decided to interact with its fans; you can now do a duet with Steph, the talented singer of Greywind, on the TikTok platform!

Now let's talk about the song itself. Lyrics as transcendent as her voice make us fall into the world of Greywind. We are very easily caught by the melancholic, intimate and sublime atmosphere of this melody.

As for the clip, we find mainly Steph, who shows us several facets of herself through a mainly

yellow look. We can also find an old Instagram profile photo of the group from two months ago, which was already from the clip.

To summarize, Greywind knows perfectly how to make us turn around with clues here and there, and we love it!

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