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määcs offers us a new track full of emotions named 'NO RETURN'

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

On March 25, 2022, määcs unveiled a new colorful single! Written, composed, mixed and mastered by theartist himself !

The lyrics take us away. They talk about someone who's about to give up, someone who's stuck, alone, affraid and hopeless. Someone in need of love, someone in lack of the warmth of comforting arms. Someone who can't stop himself from remembering, someone who suffers from it. Someone who hurts himself because they think they haven't done enough.

As I said, the lyrics are full of emotions and drive us into a world where we sure can feel sad about all of this, about this special moment in our life that we relate to those emotions but we can also feel better, knowing we're not alone, we're not the only one to feel this. Some will say music is a therapy and I agree and I think this is how it works.

The music itself is a work of art. Perfectly aligned with the lyrics, we can feel every-single-thing määcs wants us to feel. Piano notes that go straight to your heart and a beautiful voice that puts you in an other world for 3:36 minutes. For this time, you are in a bubble, in your own world, out of the world you physically are in.

But deep lyrics come from deep experiences... The artist posted the story behind the song on his socials, helping us to understand the song better...

"Haaappy People, my new single NO RETURN is out now on the streaming platform of your choice (link in bio) 🎉😍! A massive thank you goes out to my mate @mad.emotion for capturing my feelings visually in such a beautiful way 😘. You can watch the full video on YouTube. This song is about the emotions and thoughts I had to deal with after the loss of my father. For a long time I've blamed myself for it, because I wasn't able to save him, but now I know that this is simply an important part of life. Today I am grateful for every second I am alive and I always give my best to be a caring, understanding and warmhearted man, because no one will remember negative actions. It's always the good things that will last forever 🖤. Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet little munchkins 🍀🌞😘! And don't forget to smile 🖤!"

As always, he finishes his explanation with kind words and for sure, we love it ! Thank määcs for this amazing track, and we send you all the love we can because it's always hard to open our heart about such hard moments. We encourage you to do the same and go listen to this wonderful track just right here !

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